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Fab Friday: Courtney Price

Drumroll please…it’s time for another Fab Friday!! Before you start getting ready for all of your fabulous weekend plans, I want to share with you all the spectacular details of my chat with Courtney Price, who not only owns a Dallas-based interior design firm, but also amazes the social media world on a daily basis with her engaging posts and phenomenal photography! Courtney and I ran into each other at BlogTour NYC a few weeks ago, and I couldn't wait to learn more about what this fabulous women has been up to.

Robin Baron: Welcome, Courtney. Tell us a bit about what you do? Courtney Price: I am an interior designer based in Dallas with projects in other cities too. I also am a blogger and am very active in social media and with photography - they all tie together with the design. My blog is www.CourtneyPrice.com RB: How did you get started in interior design? What’s your story? CP: Well, I grew up in New Orleans surrounded by amazing design, antiques and homes. I used to go with my mother regularly to the Antique Auctions when she was buying for our home; she has great taste. After college I worked in Public Affairs and Public Relations in DC, then moved to Dallas and eventually went back to school for design, worked on both residential and commercial sides, then started my own firm in 1999. It has been a fun adventure! RB: Would you say that you have a distinct style in your design work? CP: Somewhat, yes. I have a deep appreciation for stylish antiques and history. Having said that, I love tasteful contemporary styles and art, so my personal preference is a good blend of quality pieces of old and new - it keeps the eye engaged when items in a room are not too matchy. I think art is very important too, and I believe in investing in the good stuff! Quality is key. RB: Who are your Top 3 favorite designers? CP: Ooh, only 3? That’s tough. I have the utmost respect for Charlotte Moss, and currently I am enjoying the style of Lee Ledbetter in NOLA and I’d say Lenny Kravitz’s work is pretty amazing… Like I said, tough call to only pick 3!

RB: What do you love most about your home, and why? CP: We love our home. If you didn’t know exactly where it was you might easily miss it - it is set back and not easy to find the first time. It has charming courtyards and a great use of space, and an unpredictable floor plan. RB: What’s your most prized obsession? CP: Husband and dog.

RB: What’s your favorite source of inspiration? CP: Travel, there is something to be said for getting the visual inspiration in person rather than on line.

RB: What are your top three guilty pleasure foods? CP: Oh no… only 3 again?! Let’s see...beignets, champagne , cheeseburgers. Believe me, I could go on!

RB: If you could hop on a plane and go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? CP: Italy. RB: Last but not least, what does fabulous mean to you? CP: Fabulous means inspired, original, fresh, intelligent, humorous, insightful, kind, straight forward, fun, bright, and engaged in the moment…. Any mix of those can be found in something that is fabulous.

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