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DOAD Vendor Spotlight: Armani Casa, Frette, Phoenix Ltd., TGC Contracting

Hello Fabulistas! With Housing Works' Design on a Dime less than a week away, here are today’s top vendors for me to share with you. They’ve all been generous enough to donate their merchandise and time for this great cause. Armani Casa With the name Armani, you barely have to say anything more. We already know that it’s going to be luxe, elegant, and chic, whether it’s their fashion or interior design line. The Armani Casa collection includes furniture, lighting, rugs, and accessories, all with a classically modern Armani touch.


Ares Boxes from Armani Casa


Giada Lamp from Armani Casa


Club Cabinet from Armani Casa


Tommy Tables from Armani Casa


I can’t imagine my bed without my Frette sheets. For me, it’s a necessary luxury. I just can’t help it, they’ve spoiled me for life! Frette sets the standard for luxury linens. I can’t wait for you to see what they’ve donated to my booth.

benaresBenares Collection from Frette


Biarritz Yellow from Frette


Platinum from Frette


Tulleries Blanket With Suede Border from Frette


Mantra Throw from Frette

Phoenix, Ltd.

Shhh! This is one of my secret custom trade workshops. Phoenix is one of my go-to upholsterers. They can custom make any of my designs… anything I could imagine. Their work is beautiful and they stand behind everything they do.


20-108 Lounge Chair from Phoenix, Ltd.


30-482 Dining Chair from Phoenix, Ltd.


40-509 Bench from Phoenix, Ltd.


60-320 End Table from Phoenix, Ltd.


10-160 Sofa from Phoenix, Ltd.

TGC Contracting

There’s a lot I could say about Vlad Tomasevic, owner of TGC, as a general contractor. The first thing that comes to mind is that if Vlad is in charge, you’re in good hands. Vlad’s philosophy is that, “The job isn’t done until the client says it’s done.” This alone sets him apart in the very best of ways. After working with Vlad for many years, he makes every job we do together a pleasure… well, at least as much as construction can be a pleasure!


Vlad from TGC Contracting


from TGC Contracting


from TGC Contracting


from TGC Contracting


from TGC Contracting

Six days away and counting! Design on a Dime is almost sold out. If you’ve been waiting to purchase your tickets, now’s the time. I’m counting down the days until I see you there!

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