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Do-Gooder Paper Pushers

I am always jotting things down in notebooks—notes from client meetings, room and product dimensions, to-do lists, my Starbucks order... I carry notebooks with me everywhere: You never know when inspiration will strike—or when you hear a song or have a bottle of wine that you must write down so that you won't forget! Galison | Simplifyingfabulous.com Galison | Simplifyingfabulous.com Last winter while at the New York International Gift Fair, an event held twice a year in New York City where designers, retailers and press get a chance to check out all the newest offerings from our favorite companies, I fell for Galison, a great little stationary company that is now producing a great little line called Galison Green. The collection of notepads and cards are made from 100-percent recycled paper and are sturdy enough to drop into my purse without worry that they'll get all beat up. The notebooks are a slim 40 pages, so they also leave room in your bag for your other essentials. I love the simple, minimalist design of the notebooks themselves. Good design doesn't need a lot of flair! Not only is the line totally eco-friendly, it’s also totally adorable. My favorites are the William Morris Evening Garden, inspired by the wallpaper designer's regal prints, the Lucie Summers Collection, which features a brightly-colored collage of bold flowers (above), and the Leaf Garden Writers Collections, which has a fun organic print on the cover. These notebooks come full circle...The 100% recycled notebooks can also be 100% recycled! > all images courtesy of Galison

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