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Design on a Budget, Part 3: Time to Shop!

Everybody deserves a home that they love and feel great in. Afterall, confidence begins at home! Great design, and feeling great about your home isn't a matter of budget...it's a matter of style! You can make your style work at any price point. My four-part Design Insider series "Design on a Budget" will help you define your style, make a budget, put the plan into action and tying it all together with the finishing touches! The goal? Create a home that you love.

Design on a Budget, Part 3: Time to Shop!

Part 1 of Design on a Budget helped you define your style; Part 2, your budget. Now, it’s finally time to get a look that you love. Let's go shopping!
  • First, shop at home! Take a look around your existing space and approach your furnishings with a fresh eye. Could you repurpose your living room end tables in the bedroom? Maybe move a dining room centerpiece to the lacquered tray in the living room. Think outside of the box and see what you have before you buy new.
  • Then, make a list. Go room-by-room and take inventory with what you need. Don't forget to stay in budget.
  • Hit the stores! Start your shopping off by focusing on larger items and upholstered goods to set the tone. To help you navigate, I’ve collected some of my favorite stores and compiled them into your secret weapon for designing on a dime. Based on look and price make a list of where you want to shop and get out there!
Where to Go: Print-and-Go Resources by Style: Contemporary/Urban Classic, Country & Traditional Remember...have an OPEN mind. You CAN find FABULOUS things almost anywhere! Come back and visit Simplifying Fabulous next Monday for the fourth and final part of our Design on a Budget series: Pulling it all together with the final touches!

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