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Design insider: Mixed Metals

Hello Fabulistas! Mixing metals can be intimidating at first because there are so many beautiful options available. There’s no reason that you have to keep the fixtures in one room to all gold or copper. It’s fun and more off hand to mix them up a little bit! Here's how I execute the trend. Keep it eclectic My theme in design is all about being eclectic and making a style your own. To do that, you need your own sense of style. Not everything has to be the same finish. There are reasons to do that too, but it’s not a hard and fast rule. Here, the sink hardware gleams in contrast to gold and brass decorative accents.


from Euro Home Styles

Paired with mirrors Mirrors can move mountains when it comes to solving design solutions. They help reflect back and amplify any shiny metal surfaces. This fabulous dressing table marries the silver and gold accents in this room.


from Plum Pretty Sugar

Mixed finishes A satin or brushed finish with a polished finish creates a fabulous, balanced look. If you're shy about mixing metals, this is an easy way to conquer the trend! mixed


Fashion cues

I often take my cues from fashion because I started as a fashion designer. I love letting fashion influence my interior design. Mixed metals appear often in fashion, like in these fabulous Proenza Schouler shoes. Their motif would translate beautifully in to a living area.


from Man Repeller

Varied shades

An interior chock full of metal surfaces can sound cold and imposing. However, this gorgeous living space just goes to show that mixed metal surfaces can create a warm environment.


from Pinterest

Black and gold

One of the most elegant color combinations has to be black and gold. It's so chic, yet accessible. Here, gold arm chairs take center stage in Nate Berkus's Chicago Gold Coast apartment, while accessories made of black metal accentuate the room's other elements.



Effortless rustic

Nothing inspires a rustic feel like mixed metal styles. Spaces like this always feel like the pieces have naturally accumulated over the years. That's a look that's tough to create otherwise! There are even less rules to stick to when mixing metals in these types of spaces. The more finishes, the better!


from Pinterest

Neutralizing brushed surfaces

The brushed nickel surface of this fireplace is quite neutral and beautiful. However, the stainless steel floor reading lamps amp up the room's style and play up the metallic surfaces. Brushed surfaces give a refined, subtle look to a room.


from Pinterest

Don't be afraid to mix metals! I always encourage clients to let me use interesting combinations in their homes. What's your favorite mixed metal combination?

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