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Design Insider: Man "Caves"

Fabulistas, today's man needs a quiet space of his own to ruminate, relax and read. Wikipedia defines a man cave as, "a manspace, a male sanctuary, such as a specially equipped garage, spare bedroom, media room, den, or basement." While I'm not one to quibble with Wikipedia, I do prefer the term "manspace" and I think we can liven that definition up just a bit, because truth be told, not all manspaces need to be hot rod havens or maxed out media rooms. Manspaces can be well-appointed, magnificent feats of interior design. Take a look a how open and airy this manspace is. There's no need to pack it full of "things". Sometimes simple, rustic design elements are all that's needed. Rustic Man Cave This modern manspace is appropriately masculine, yet light-filled with beach-inspired elements: Modern Man Cave And, if "living large" is more your speed, then why not try an entire home as a man cave? Man Cave House If your manspace simply must have a video game and the obligatory billiard table, then why not add some interesting architectural elements like mirrored double-wide arches and overhead beams? After all, who can resist a double-wide arch? :) Typical Man Cave
Photo credits:
  1. Rustic Man Cave
  2. Modern Man Cave
  3. Man Cave House
  4. Typical Man Cave

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