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Design Insider: Last Minute DIY Decor Ideas for the Perfect Christmas Dinner

If you're like me, you've been running around nonstop these last few weeks! This wonderful season can also be so CRAZY! Luckily, there are lots of little tips and tricks that use all the fab things you already own to throw together the perfect tablescape for tonight's Christmas Eve dinner. Sparkly Ornament Centerpiece The first thing you need in any tablescape is a FAB centerpiece. That makes picking everything else so much easier. I'm all about simplifying things! No matter how many times I decorate my Christmas tree, there are always some leftover ornaments. I love this idea of using those gorgeous ornaments and garland strands in a hurricane vase. It brings Christmas flavor to the table...and gives those ornaments a chance to shine. Plus, this also works really well for those precious vintage ornaments you'd like to protect.

Ornament Centerpiece from Very Merry Vintage Style

Have a beautiful cake stand you're not using for Christmas dinner? Turn it into a centerpiece that cradles ornaments and all kinds of other beautiful baubles! Cradle glass ornaments by padding each layer with fake snow. Keep them in place by filling the spaces in between ornaments with Christmas tree clippings and pieces of ribbon. Then topping it off with a piece of costume jewelry is so GLAM!

Ornament Centerpiece from Pinterest

Cute Place Cards

Giving all your guests a place to sit will take the guesswork out of seating arrangements and make the actual eating happen sooner! (After all, that's what the guests are all there for.) Place cards don't have to be super luxe, though. My favorite ones in the past are ones that I throw together at the last minute. I really love bringing some natural elements into the table and these pinecones are a sparkly way to do so without bothering allergies! Print out the names in a fancy font on little strips, tie them on with some spare gift wrapping ribbon. Then you're done!

Pinecone Place Card from Etsy

Feeling a little more adventurous? Arm yourself with some pruners and grab some little pieces of twigs to set up printed-off name tags on. I REALLY love this idea for a family Christmas in a cabin. It's so rustic, yet chic!

Tree Trimming Place Card from Pinterest

Dining Chair Trimmings

You can't forget the chairs! They're a basic part of any Christmas dinner! You don't want to deck the chairs SO much that they're uncomfortable to sit in, though. Just remember to add a little extra to pull together the whole look. If your dining chairs are simple wood ones, try out this cute idea with mini wreaths and thick ribbon.

Mini Chair Wreaths from The Merriment Blog

Making slipcovered chairs pop is easy with some bright red ribbon and a mini swag of tree trimmings! This looks so FAB for so little effort!

Holiday Chair Covers from Barefoot Floor

Lights, Christmas, Action!

You can't have a cozy Christmas dinner without some extra mood lighting! I DO love to light all four corners of a room to really bring out the best in decor. Christmas dinner is a great chance to use creative ways to bring in some extra lighting! Reusing some empty wine bottles from this season's celebrations thus far and a few strands of Christmas lights will keep that extra lighting safely contained. Plus, you can easily move around these wine bottles when the celebration continues for unwrapping gifts!

Festive Light Display from This Old House

Looking for a quick DIY chandelier to light up your Christmas feast? Use this wire planter snd Christmas lights strand trick! This is a perfect little DIY for when you're in a cinch and can't run out to buy some extra lighting.

Christmas Lights Chandelier from Pinterest

What DIY tricks are you doing to FAB up your Christmas dinner table this year? Be sure to share them with me in the comments below!

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