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Design Insider: How to Decorate an Open Space

Hello Fabulistas! Today I want to jump right in and talk about something that stumps a lot of people, how to decorate an open space. It's like having a large blank, beautiful canvas. There's so much potential there and you want to make sure that you fill it with something fabulous! Don't worry! Here are some of my tips on decorating an open space:

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Light is your friend When you have such a large space without any walls, you want to harness all the natural light you can. How is anyone supposed to see your fab furniture when you have to squint just to see? So many great open spaces have nice, large windows. I love the curtain-less look in this area, but if you want a little more privacy, opt for some sheer panels. Do what feels right to you!

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Highlight architectural quirks

Most open spaces have beautiful architectural touches. If you don't have walls, your eyes need awesome spots to land on while they're roaming the space! I love how the neutral colors of this kitchen keep from overwhelming the amazing windows and other features.

from Pinterest

Use rugs to establish spaces

If you're having trouble defining different areas in the space, invest in a few chic rugs. Here, rugs give visual cues as to where the sitting area, dining area and bookshelf area can be found. They also help your eyes rest and concentrate a bit on each space to really appreciate the design.

from Covet Garden

Use colorful accents

My love for color is no secret! However, you don't want to go too crazy with lots of different colors in an open plan area. It will defeat the purpose of relaxing at home! I think it's best to stick to some colorful accents instead. Or, if you're feeling especially bold and want to go for full saturation, stick to the same color palette.

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Do you love the look of an open area plan? Did I miss any issues that you've ran into while decorating one? Please let me know by leaving a comment below.

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