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Design Insider: Fresh Design Straight From the Market!

Fabulistas, I had a blast at one of NYC's Farmers Markets! For me, farmers markets are fun because I love the hunt, whether it's for design accessories, jewelry, or fresh produce. They also remind me how easy and affordable it is to the bring vibrant colors of the season into your home. I'm always thinking about how everyday items can be repurposed, and I include fresh vegetables and fruit in that thought. Here are some of my ideas to keep in mind next time you spend a Saturday at your local market.


1. Get Your Fill - Try taking an antique bird cage and filling it with your favorite produce. If you can't find a bird cage, you can use any interesting basket or decorative plate. Red apples are great for the fall!

2. Recycle Decor - Use produce to add to existing accessories. Once, I came across two fabulous candlesticks and used grapes to fill in the middle section. The grapes draped beautifully and brought more attention to the candlesticks.

3. Fresh Taste - Farmers markets normally have a wonderful selection of fresh flowers and plants. For something unexpected, create an outdoor garden in any room by placing bunches of flowers in a desk or buffet drawer.


4. Purple Power - If you are looking for an inexpensive home decor accessory that will last, I love fresh lavender! You can normally find a large selection of lavendar at markets. Place a bunch of lavender in a silver canister for an intoxicating aroma and interesting detail.

The inexpensive nature of these ideas gives you the liberty to play around and try new things! To find a market near you, check out www.localharvest.org. If you live in NYC, I hope to see you at the market soon!

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