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Design Insider: Fabulous Moldings

Hello Fabulistas! I adore traditional details in homes, especially if they are paired with other styles, creating a more personal space. Many new construction projects don't have the traditional feel I like, so I add my own details! One way to add character to a home is to add molding. Clever, right?! Here are a few of my favorite ways to add fabulous moldings to a space. Paneling Paneling makes a huge difference in a space. It makes spaces look glam with very little effort. Taking paneling up to the ceiling helps ceilings look higher and helps define spaces. Paneled walls are also a fabulous backdrop for art! Design Insider: Fabulous Moldings

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Faux Paneling If you aren't able to install panels due to cost or home agreements, you can install faux paneling. This can look even better than real paneling if done correctly. Try installing multiple layers of panels, as seen in this picture. When painted in complimentary colors, the space looks stellar! Design Insider: Fabulous Moldings

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Wainscoting Wainscoting is a fab way to visually break up a wall. You can install wainscoting in a variety of designs, straight panels, or even diamond shapes. You can paint it the same color as the wall above, or leave it white while coloring the wall. You have so many options! Design Insider: Fabulous Moldings

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Crown Molding Many new construction spaces don't include crown molding. Adding crown molding to your space is a nice way to finish the space. You can find molding that's very detailed or very simple to fit your personality. Design Insider: Fabulous Moldings

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Ceiling Molding Not everyone thinks of adding molding or trim to a ceiling. While it doesn't work in every space, it's definitely a detail to think about. It can be painted white to match the ceiling, or painted in accent colors to match the space. Again, this can be as detailed or simple as you like! Design Insider: Fabulous Moldings

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Do you have fab moldings in your home? Are you thinking of adding molding details to take it up a notch? I'd love to know! Tweet some pictures to me, or post them on my Facebook wall!

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