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Design Insider: Fab Pet-Dedicated Areas

Hello Fabulistas! I've been thinking of redecorating...again! This time I'm not redecorating for myself. I've been thinking of ways to integrate areas in my home specifically for my lovely dog Oreo. When Oreo feels comfortable he's happier and so am I. Here are a few ways I'm redesigning my home just for Oreo! Well-designed pet bed I like Oreo sleeping in the same room as me, but I don't like pet beds that look sloppy. As you know, I like things neat and tidy! I love creating a little area that looks purposefully designed. You can integrate your pet bed into your nightstand or side table, or create a little nook for the little guy. Think outside the box and you'll create something fabulous! Pet dedicated furniture

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Hidden eating area I tend to rush around the kitchen, and trip on things left on the floor. Do you do that too? There are several ways to hide your pet's water and food bowls, and still have them accessible. They can be staged on the bottom shelf of an island, or built into a drawer that pulls out. See what works best for your family!

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Pet-dedicated storage unit If you have extra room in your mudroom, or an extra nook that can be repurposed, why not build it out for your pet? Pet's have a lot of stuff...more than you may realize! Creating a dedicated storage unit for your pet can help you, and everyone in your home. If your kids are responsible for feeding, bathing and walking, they would benefit from everything being kept in one place. If there's extra space, you can add a sitting area for your pet, too! Pet dedicated furniture

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Washing station It can be difficult to give your pet a bath...trust me! Creating a washing station in a bathroom or laundry room can save you a lot of time and energy. I've installed a pet sink in my laundry room. I store Oreo's towels, shampoos and accessories nearby. It's so helpful! Pet dedicated furniture

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Pet sanctuary You know as well as I do that pets have a personality of their own. If they find a comfy spot on your sofa, they will keep coming back to it. Why not create a little sanctuary of their own? There's always room to spare, near the stairs, in an unused corner, to carve out a little area. The pets will be happy, and so will you! Pet dedicated furniture

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Do you have a dedicated pet area in your home? Were you looking to redesign specifically for your pet? I'd love to hear about it! Please leave me a comment and let me know!

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