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Design Insider: Embrace Open Shelving for Storage

Hello Fabulistas! I've been asked by some friends about storage options, and so I thought I'd share my thoughts with you, too! I LOVE open shelving for storage. It's a great way to store things AND decorate at the same time! I like using open shelving in as many rooms as possible because it creates a different look in each room. Kitchen When I'm cooking, I'm often grabbing things on the go. I'm nothing like those TV chefs who have everything at their fingertips. I'll suddenly remember that I need a bowl or a spice. Open shelving is great in these instances because I don't have to open a drawer or door with messy hands. Oh yes, plates on open shelves look fab, too! Embrace open shelving for storage

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Home Office My office area gets cluttered fairly quickly. When I'm working on a project, I have things spread out everywhere. I like to organize things into categories, put them in a box and stick them on a shelf. Boxes are easy to pull down and sort through when you're in a rush. Plus, open shelving in the office allows you find reference books easily. I like to color code my office shelves. Things are super easy to find that way! Embrace open shelving for storage

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Playroom I like to keep things neat and tidy, and that's difficult to do when you have kids! There are a few things you can do to help your kids put things back in their place. Open shelves give kids a place to put things away, without fussing with opening and closing drawers. Plus, open shelving can store things that won't fit inside cubbies, like large board games. Embrace open shelving for storage

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DIY supplies I'm a fan of DIY projects. DIY home projects help spaces feel more personal. When I'm in the middle of the project, I need to find things quickly, like glue, tape, buttons, and more. I stuff my craft supplies in jars and place them on open shelves. They're so easy to grab in a rush! Embrace open shelving for storage

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Library When I create libraries for my clients I always install open shelving! I like a library to feel cozy and comfortable, and being surrounded by books helps achieve that feeling. If I'm creating a room around a color scheme I may look for books of all one color. Or, if I want the room to feel whimsical, I may arrange the books in a random color order. You can decide what works best for you and for your home. Embrace open shelving for storage

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Open shelving serves many purposes, functional and decorative. It's a great way to store things you need and give your home personality at the same time. How do you use open shelving in your home?

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