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Design Insider: Decorating Above The Sofa With Wall Art

Hello Fabulistas! Designing a room includes many elements, you have the furniture, accessories, and the final touch... wall art! There are many ways that you can go when it comes to wall art ideas. There's one thing you must keep in mind, even the most glamorous sofa needs something above it! Dreamy Abstract When you're afraid of competing with a well-stocked coffee table or lively throw pillows, an abstract piece of wall art is a fab way to go! This piece in the home of Molly Sims is calming and refreshing.


from Domaine

Bold, Balanced

This stunning sofa covered in vintage Yves Saint Laurent fabric shouldn't stand on its own. It deserves some wall art ideas that can compete. The striped wall covering and painting are bold in pastel tones, what a feat!


from House Beautiful

Pick a Color

This vintage modern living area harnesses the power of color! The vibrant pillows pop in this white room and sticking to one of those colors in the painting above lends a balanced look. It also helps that the wall art's landscape motif feels a bit more serious than the playful patterns and hues in the layers of pillows below.


from Better Homes and Gardens

Double The Fun

I do adore a large wall art piece centered above a couch, but sometimes doubling up on your wall art can be more fun! It gives a casual, comfy look... even in this room that has cinder block walls.


from Homelife

Traditional Lines

Expansive, vibrant wall art isn't for everyone. If your tastes lean a little more traditional, an arrangement of cohesive pieces lined up, (instead of staggered), will give your space a pleasing, tidy look.


from Better Homes and Gardens

The possibilities for decking out the wall above your sofa means limitless wall art ideas. There's one out there for you! What's above your sofa? Let's chat in the comments below!

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