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Design Insider: Colorful Holiday Decorating That's Still Chic

Hello Fabulistas! I've been thinking a lot about my holiday decor. This time of year we typically find traditional holiday decor, reds, greens, browns and oranges. I'm thinking of mixing it up this year, and adding some fab color to the mix. You can totally decorate in full color without being traditional, while still being chic! Here are a few ways. Shades of purple Last season purple was my FAVE holiday color. The glitz and glam of the feminine color got to me right away. I'm thinking of decorating my entire space in purple, a purple tree, a purple tablescape and purple upholstery. Shades of purple will add depth and look fab this holiday season. colorful holiday decorating

from Decor Demon

Blue Hues Blue is the next big color in design! I'm starting to see blues everywhere and I'm totally loving it. The reason I love blue hues is there's a color for everyone, whether you like dark blues or blue greens, you can find something that fits your personality. What do you think of holiday blues? colorful holiday decorating

from Wisteria

Modern reds Red is a traditional holiday color, but with a little creativity it can be updated to look very chic. I like to mix reds and whites to create a clean, sleek look. I use reds as accents to add pops of color into my holiday decor. colorful holiday decorating

from Pinterest

A pastel color story I love when friends decorate in a pastel theme for the holidays. Pastels are not typically thought of as "holiday" but they make a great impact! Decorating with pastels creates a soft, whimsical feeling, which I love during these cold winter months! colorful holiday decorating

from Alkemie

Neutral holiday decor Neutrals can be the most impactful holiday decor if designed correctly. An all white room can be stunning to walk into. If you want to add a little glam to your neutral decor you can throw in some sparkle with gold, silver or both. Fabulous! colorful holiday decorating

from Pinterest

Decorating for the holidays can be stressful, but if you plan your color scheme well the holidays can be very easy. I love colorful decor, it adds a little something extra to the holiday season. How will you be decorating this season?

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