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Design Focus: How to Expand a Space with Mirrors

Hello Fabulistas! I LOVE mirrors! They're kind of like jewelry for your home. They can be subtle and refined, or blingy and fabulous! If you live in a small space please remember, mirrors are your friend! Mirrors are the key to expanding a small space. Here are a few ways I like to place mirrors in small spaces: Create a window Did you know you can create a window using mirrors? You can! Place a mirror across a window and it will reflect the outdoors. It will bring in the natural light and help the space feel like there are twice as many windows.

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Use floor-length mirrors I like to place floor length mirrors behind furniture. They make the furniture look large and important. They also make spaces appear taller and wider! Think about placing a floor length mirror behind a console table or sofa. Don't forget to attach it to the wall for safety purposes! Expand a space with mirrors

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Reflect the light In order to create more light and drama, you can place a mirror behind a light source. I like to place mirrors behind candles, pendant lights and bedside lamps. This is a great way to maximize the amount of light reflected without using too many lamps. Expand a space with mirrors

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Create a gallery We love gallery walls with pictures, so why not with mirrors?! By using mirrors in a variety of sizes and shapes, you can create an interesting wall display. The grouping of mirrors will also reflect the light in a dramatic way.

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Mirrored walls and cabinets Many forget about putting mirrors on walls and cabinets. It's an easy way to create a larger space without using a traditional mirror. Mirrored furniture is popular now, and it's fairly easy to find. If you incorporate mirrored walls or furniture into your design you can have a fab space! Expand a space with mirrors

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There are several ways to use mirrors to expand your space. You have to do what's right for you, and make your space feel like you! Which of these tips hits home with you?

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