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Design Focus: How To Decorate A Coffee Table

Hello Fabulistas! When I walk into a space I always check out the accessories. How you accessorize your home represents you. It's what separates your home and your personalities from any other home on the block. A coffee table can be the most difficult thing to decorate, because you have SO many options! Here are a few of my go-to decorating methods: Fresh Flowers or Plants Flowers and plants are a fab way to bring a natural element to a space. They add color and life to a room. Flowers and plants are personal, every one can find one that fits their style. They can also be changed monthly or seasonally, to keep the space current. How to decorate a coffee table

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Books Books are another great way to showcase your interests. You can fill your coffee table with books of any theme, or multiple themes like design, fashion, sports, pets, anything! I like to stack large picture books which take up much of the table. You can play with your decor a bit and try to place the flowers on top of a stack of books. See what works for you! How to decorate a coffee table

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A Fabulous Tray I LOVE using trays in my decor. You can place it on a coffee table or ottoman that's being used as a coffee table. I like to stack books, boxes, plants and objects in the tray. It adds another element to the coffee table, defining the space well. A tray is also useful when entertaining. You can use it to serve drinks and appetizers, as well. How to decorate a coffee table

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Display a Collection A coffee table is a great place to showcase your favorite collection. This can be anything from boxes or bowls to pieces of art. While one piece looks smart, a collection of pieces can really highlight your personality! How to decorate a coffee table

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Varying Heights If your living room looks fab but isn't quite there, think about placing objects of varying heights on your coffee table. The pieces with height will draw your eye and add visual interest to your space. You can do this with candlesticks or large glass jars. Use what you have on hand and see how it looks. Play with this until you're in love! How to decorate a coffee table

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These are just a few of my go-to coffee table decorating techniques. I love to play around with my accessories until they feel just right, and feel like me. How do you decorate your coffee table?

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