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Design Focus: How To Create Extra, Versatile Seating

Hello Fabulistas! I like to make the most of my space. I want to make sure every inch of my spaces are useable in some way. It's even better when there are multiple uses! Seating is the easiest way to make use of a space. I've put together a few tips to help you create extra, versatile seating in your home. Look under the table The easiest place to store extra seating is under a table. You can place additional ottomans under a coffee table, side table or credenza. If your ottoman is on casters it will be easy to roll in and out. This turns a small living room into a space that will fit many! How to create versatile seating

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A multi-use coffee table Another way to get more seating in your living room is to use a large ottoman as your coffee table. I LOVE the look of ottomans as coffee tables. They offer soft comfortable seating and are useful at the same time. Place a tray on the ottoman to hold drinks, books and other accessories. How to create versatile seating

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Repurpose a day bed If you live in a small space or have a room that you'd like to use in multiple ways, you may want to invest in a daybed. A daybed can be placed against a wall and easily be used as both a bed as well as a sofa. Throw a few pillows on to create a relaxed, living room look and you have two uses in one! How to create versatile seating

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Accessorize with a pouff Recently I've fallen in love with pouffs. And you can pick them up almost everywhere! Pouffs are large, comfortable pillows that can be round or square. Pile a few in the corner of a room for those times that you or your guests need an extra place to sit. They can also look gorgeous and make for a fabulous accessory! How to create versatile seating

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Look at the nooks If my client has an extra nook in their home I like to build in seating. Sometimes I place it between bookcases or under the stairs. Take a look at your house and see what works for you. Maybe a window seat? How to create versatile seating

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There are several ways to add extra seating to your home. Your home should feel like you. Find space in your home and add seating that fits your needs! I'd love to see what you come up with. Please comment or send me your pictures!

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