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Decorating with Chalkboards Gets Creative!

Chalkboards have come a long way from the schoolhouse learning tools we grew up with. We've noticed that it's now a trend to bring this childhood staple into our grown-up homes, making them look crafty-chic (did I just make that up?), as well as functional. Let's face it: There’s something sublimely simple about writing reminders, lists, and notes to our loved ones in this technology-driven world (“Honey, don’t forget to pick up some milk!”). And what's even better: chalkboards are entirely reusable, giving them an eco-friendly slant! Chalkboard coating has opened up limitless possibilities with design, and it’s moving beyond the board: Liz from Momtastic keeps her family of 3 organized month-to-month using chalkboard contact paper. She created a calendar using squares of chalkboard paper on her kitchen wall, which lets her update each week’s activities and then edit them or wipe them away with a simple swipe of a cloth.

Needing to spice up your spice rack? Or add some organization to your office? These handy chalkboard labels from Braden’s Grace’s Etsy shop will bring calm to your chaos in chic style. Label and relabel without wasting any time or materials! Made of heavy-duty chalkboard adhesive vinyl, they’re dishwasher safe and can be wiped clean with a wet cloth.

I’ve seen chalkboard paint cover walls, cabinets, and even headboards, but Ashley from Handmade Home takes it whole other level – she created a chalkboard fridge! This simple chalkboard paint project made a big statement in her kitchen, turning an appliance into art (and medium for her three little artists). AND it's functional! You can't loose your grocery list if it's this big!

Speaking of art, this plaster Renaissance-inspired décor piece by Little Blue Birds Studio gets a dose of playfulness thanks to the chalkboard coating. Write down poetic proverbs or draw on silly glasses – the possibilities are endless!

Photo credits: Momtastic, Etsy, Handmade Home, Etsy

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