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Decorating the Bedroom: Tips of the Trade

There is a lot to consider when decorating a bedroom, but don't fear...I'm here to help! I headed over to the Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman showrooms in the D&D Building to illustrate some of the basic tenements of decorating a bedroom. Watch how your choice of bedroom furniture, color and texture can make a world of difference! 1. Mix Materials: Textured fabrics, wood and metal studs 2. Great Design is in the Details: Mix-and-match accessories and furniture to create personality and just a bit of visual interest. Don't go too overboard though...a bedroom should be tranquil, not overwhelming. 3. It's All About Balance...not symmetry. Although this bedroom has two different end tables here, the space is tied them together with a pair of the same lamps. 1. Go Exotic: Add Asian-inspired elements to the room to transport you to another place. If you're not ready to go all the way, just infuse a few touches. 2. Infuse your Favorite Color: The bedroom is your sanctuary. It should scream YOU! 3. Form and Function: Your bedroom should not only be beautiful, it should be useful! Think about what you need first: Add a desk, add lots of storage, even add a TV if that's your thing! 1. Texture, Texture, Texture: Adding texture helps to keep a traditional space from looking boring. 2. Go for the Unexpected: Interesting shapes and untraditional furniture placement adds some "wow" factor! 3. Pop the Color: Go bold or go home! Love the pop of purple in this space via the velvet aubergine chair.

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