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Crate and Barrel's Eco Friendly Fiesta!

It’s summertime and the living is easy! Bold and beautiful, Crate and Barrel's eco friendly Jose margarita glasses and sleek Miguel pitcher (love the names!) bring a fiesta to any tabletop they land upon. I think that even ol' Ella Fitzgerald would agree that the summer is a little sweeter with an icy cold beverage in hand! Jose and Miguel are made from recycled glass jars and bottles that have been broken up, melted down, and then blown free-form into classic margarita and pitcher shapes. If you’ve ever seen a glassblower create a sculpture or vessel from a blob of fiery-hot molten glass, you’ll be especially appreciative of the work that goes into each individual piece. In the case of the margarita glass, the “blank” is blown, and then while the glass is still hot, it’s rolled in colored glass chips for a festive look.
Crate & Barrel | images courtesy of Crate and Barrel
I love that though the glasses stay true to the classic margarita shape, the multi-hued pattern packs some panache. The look is festive, summery, and completely party-ready. Since each glass and pitcher is hand-blown, no two will be exactly the same. Kudos to Crate and Barrel to keeping craftsmanship alive! The pitcher is a classic, versatile design, and the glasses will add some flair to girls’ night or an al fresco dinner party with friends...or can turn any ol' night into a celebration for that matter! Just grab your salt shaker and you’re ready to go!

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