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Couch View: Top Picks for #CoffeeTableDecor on Instagram

Hello Fabulistas! You must start with an amazing coffee table design before you can create the perfect vignette for a glam look. The possibilities are endless when it comes to well-styled coffee tables. A mere scroll through my Instagram feed reveals a world of styling inspiration. Here are a few highlights that I've liked.

Opposing Shapes

Here, a variety of natural shapes and elements play off each other. The beautiful flowers, zebra-print book, and fruit shapes on a competing book cover keep the eye moving over the fab display.



Books-Based Coffee table books are equal parts entertaining, beautiful, and functional when it comes to design. Here, they're perfect for elevating the container of flowers and the coffee table vignette's style.



Calming Glamour

Your home should be your retreat from everything else in the world. This calming sanctuary has a lot of visual interest with a neat vignette of interesting—but muted—objects.



Traveler's View

This view from the spring issue of Luxe Magazine shows all the treasures you can bring home from journeys. This isn't a coffee table, per se, but a tufted ottoman with a glam tray on top. So versatile!



Neon Fun

This lucite table is no disappearing act. Books with neon pink and lime bindings pick up other colorful elements of the room, like the vibrant wall art and striped pillows.



Pops of Purple

This is the way to do a minimalist room when you're a lover of color. The couch and coffee table are like blank canvases for shiny surfaces and rich tones.



Gilded Frame

A glass coffee table with a metallic frame and base creates the perfect boundaries for the contained style of a coffee table vignette. Who needs an array of Instagram filters when your vignette has a saturated carpet below and vibrant blooms above?



Classic Scene

This tray and candlesticks create such a cozy little vignette fit for the room's casual feel. Rearranging a coffee table vignette is the perfect way to give your living room a formal or casual transformation. Three cheers for fab versatility!



Glam Hustle and Bustle

Kelly Wearstler's vibe is always bold and modern. Her tabletop accessories are over-the-top and even more fun when arranged together. This is a modern look worth vying after.



Golden Levels

I love a metallic moment! Especially when it's juxtaposed against wonderful textures, like on the wall art and throw pillows. Remember, you have to do more styling than on just your coffee table. Dress the whole room with accessories!



Tray Contained

Trays and coffee tables make for chic companions. They transform ottomans into coffee tables and do wonders for clearing off coffee table surfaces for entertaining. Here, a crisp white tray contains a vignette that's ready to be moved for food, drinks, and other entertaining essentials.



Did I miss any of your favorite coffee table trends? Make sure that you follow me on Instagram!

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