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Cinema Style: Part 2

The Hunger Games is all about drama…and so is the set design! Last week, I wrote about the penthouse dining room and living room designs in the movie’s Capitol’s Training Center, but because the movie is so chock full of inspiration, I just had to create a “sequel” post! THE TRAIN The Art Deco décor of the train is filled with rich textures and colors, from velvet to crystal glass and stainless steel. The blue crushed velvet upholstery used on the barrel chairs was from Dedar. A contemporary version, such as this one from West Elm, would truly make a statement when upholstered in such a bold color. The woods were a mix of antique and reproductions...but don't worry! The Table that Katniss drives her knife into was a reproduction. (Phew!) Because they were working with so many different pieces, the design team faux-finished the furniture to give it a cohesive look (a great trick if you’re working with several variously colored woods in your own home). Crystal on the table can make any meal feel luxurious (even if it’s a quick Kraft macaroni and cheese dinner!), and the abundance on the train’s dining table reinforces the Capitol’s stately lifestyle. KATNISS’S BEDROOM Katniss’s bedroom is extremely dark in color, yet her platform bed is a vibrant lime green covered in plush. A similar bed, like the Dune Upholstered Bed, would look fabulous in a modern space paired with a cozy throw to tone down the angles, such as this gorgeous teal option from Target. Bolster pillows would streamline the look. The trio of pendants on each side of the bed adds light to the windowless space and doubles as a unique option for bedside lighting. These pendants from Designer Eco are almost identical! To help put herself at ease, Katniss switches the hi-tech wall mural to that of a forest scene, taking her back to simpler times of when she spent her days hunting and gathering. Take inspiration from this techy tool and infuse the natural serenity into your home with a whimsical forest mural or hauntingly beautiful woodsy wallpaper, both from Anthropologie.

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