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Cinema Style: Part 1

Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy has captured the hearts of millions. It was brilliantly, creatively and colorfully realized in the blockbuster film of the first book. The hair, make-up and costumes all helped make the author’s vision come to life for all of us. As an interior designer, though…it was the set design that intrigued me the most. From the art deco-inspired interiors of the train, to the brutalist architecture of the tributes’ penthouse, I felt transported into the character’s futuristic world, and almost felt what it was like to be there. The set design was so inspiring that I’ve decided to make this a two-part series, finding great furnishings that capture the “Capitol”-designed allure and help you infuse this style into your home. Read, and “May the odds be ever in your favor!” The District 12 Penthouse’s bare, brutalist style of architecture is warmed by regal colors and textiles. The 22-foot-long sofa was a vintage piece called the Non-Stop designed by Sede of Switzerland. While most of us don't have room for a 22-foot sofa, you can create the look with an extra-long leather sectional, such as the Clifton Leather Sectional from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. The masculine style is toned down with plush velvet pillows, such as these options from Room & Board and ABC Home. A luxe purple shag rug and geometric coffee table round out the look.
The penthouse's futuristic dining room features the seat belt chairs from the Phillips Collection around a glass dining table. These chairs are available and come in a variety of hues, so if lime green isn't your thing, you've got choices. Massive light bulbs hang down individually, creating a cohesive chandelier effect. To recreate the look, opt for a multi globe chandelier, such as the Artic Pear from Ochre. The sleek blue flooring is growing in popularity in today’s interiors…Amstrong’s Marmorette Collection has linoleum options in a beautiful Bluebird hue that resembles the one shown in the set design.
Look for next week's post to find additional ways to channel Hunger Games home decor!

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