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Beautify your Bathroom

I consider the bathroom to be one of the most important rooms in the house...and that's the key! It's a room of its own and deserves as much attention as all the others. So think about decorating your bathroom as you would the rest of your home. Our time in the bathroom helps set the tone for the day! We spend a lot of time getting ready, primping and preening, whether it is putting on our make up or shaving our faces (hopefully, just the guys!)! I feel it's important to make your bathroom beautiful and surround yourself with things that make you feel positive as you start your day. I always say, "Think outside the box." In this case, think inside the box. Find an interesting box to keep on your countertop for your skincare or toiletries. You'll still have easy access and they won't be cluttering up your bathroom. What a great way to add personality and utility all in one fell swoop!

We all need easy access to cotton balls and Q-tips, so I look for unique ways to store them. I usually look for items that aren't necessarily meant for a bathroom like cookie jars or these mother of pearl jars. It's a great way to add your own personality and keep everything at your fingertips!

Adding a bit of ambiance is good for any room, especially your bath. What better way to set a mood then with candles...and because we are talking about decor, the candle holders are the most important feature to consider. Whether it's mixing mercury glass votive holders in a vignette with perfume bottles on a small tray to create a glam effect; or creating a sculptural look with these pierced porcelain candleholders from West Elm, it's another way to create your own distinctive look.

You can even shop around your own home. Sometimes that's all the retail therapy we need! Before you go out and purchase brand new accessories, walk though your home and see what you can reuse. maybe that vintage tray in your bedroom could be a perfect catchall in the bathroom. An interesting mug or glass could be an unexpected toothbrush holder. We all keep tissues in our bathroom and that gives us another great opportunity to accessorize! After all, why just put a plain box of tissues on the counter? There are many cool tissue box holders on the market, so you're bound to find the perfect one for you to complete your look.

Many, even most, companies make matching wastebaskets allowing you to mix and match new and found items to pull your room together like this photograph using vintage crystal perfume bottles and the painted mirror tissues holder with matching wastebasket. I love the hunt. So whether that means scouring the flee markets, secondhand stores, or even, sometimes, your own home...have fun finding things that make you smile. Feeling good about yourself, your life, or both is what it's all about!

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