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Ask Robin Your Design Questions

How high off of the dining table should you hang your chandelier? How large should an area rug be? What is the best way to integrate antiques with modern furniture? Have your design conundrums solved...Ask Robin! Your question will be answered here on the blog, added to our Ask Robin archive, and posted on Facebook! Here, Robin tackles one reader's tabletop conundrum answer. Also see her how-to on mixing and matching table settings! Ask Robin | Simplifyingfabulous.com Q: Would it be improper to mix in eight silver plated settings with twelve gold plated settings? - Julie L. A: Absolutely not! The more you mix, the better it is! Have fun, mix it up and let your personality shine though. Mix-and-match place settings allow you to set the table differently every time. I love to collect antique and vintage place settings and flatware—it adds fun and just the right amount of drama to the table. The only rule here is to go with what you like!

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