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April: What's Hot This Month

Hello Fabulistas! It's April and New Yorkers are getting restless for spring. It seems like this month is dedicated to grumbling about still having to bundle up in the mornings. However, there are many exciting things happening right now! Here are just a few of them: Mad Men Any "what's hot right now" list wouldn't be complete without a mention of Mad Men! Season 6 premieres Sunday night and I couldn't be more thrilled to pick up with Don and the gang. Not only is the storyline fantastic, the fashion and designs are fab, too! Will you be watching?

via AMC

Grand Central Centennial A visit to the breathtaking landmark is an essential in any NYC trip! It's more than a transportation hub. It's an architectural and design marvel! Now, technically, Grand Central has been celebrating its 100th birthday this whole year. But why not appreciate this fab NYC landmark now?!

via Style Wise Trend Foolish

Alan Cumming's Macbeth

If you follow theater, you already know about this award-winning actor's interpretation of the Shakespeare classic. I always wish I could see more theater, and am clearing my schedule for this one! It's set in a psych ward with the actor as a patient who relives the whole classic tale. The performances start this weekend and only last through June 30.

via NPR

Chic Umbrellas

We all know about April showers. The promise of flowers still make it tough to walk through the rain and dodge puddles. Why not do it in fab style? I always keep my leopard-print umbrella on me at all times just in case. This new month, though, has me shopping for a new umbrella. I love this Kissy Face umbrella from Felix Rey. I saw it featured in WhoWhatWear and fell in love!

via Bloomingdale's

Embellished Walls

One way to turn up the dial from plain to glam in a space meant for entertaining is by embellishing the walls. This look is the epitome of fabulous and will be hot this year!


What are your favorite trends this month? Will you be trying out any of these?

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