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A Kitchen with Pops of Personality

Hello Fabulistas!

The kitchen is perhaps the most vibrant space in your home. It's the most dynamic and welcoming space where you prepare the treats and mix the drinks for yourself and, more importantly, for your friends and family!

Fun kitchen gadgets - Robin Baron

Image courtesy Amara


Image courtesy Amara

And just like any living space, it loves an update. If we're talking the kitchen, we're talking fun gadgets that are big on form as well as function. This is where you can have the most fun, Fabulistas! Adding new, unconventional accessories such as a stainless steel peeler or a printed kettle can bring an unexpected twist to this familiar territory. Little touches like these make your culinary adventures more enjoyable and stress-free.

Kitchen gadgets with personality - Robin Baron

Image courtesy Emoh Design

A kitchen with personality - Robin Baron

Image courtesy Mud Australia

I always like mixing classic and modern elements, especially by adding an element of color. A wooden chopping board gets a punchy upgrade with a brim of upbeat shades, like pink and baby blue. You can easily coordinate other items with any of these vibrant colors. Makers of ceramic products offer an array of beautiful colors as well. This water jug from MudAustralia comes in 12 delicious hues!

Kitchens with personality - Robin Baron

Image courtesy Au Bonheur du Jour

A steel pestle in the shape of a horn paired with a square wooden mortar? That’s how you add a twist to the familiar. Use a surprising combination of materials to reflect your personality and unique flair! After all, cooking is an intimate activity, often described as “giving a part of oneself to others”. I say give generously and give in style!

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