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7 Stylishly Spooky Halloween Party Decor Ideas

Hello Fabulistas! It’s that time of year and Halloween is just under a week away. Let’s face it Halloween decorations can either get a little grotesque or can be a store bought cliche. If you are trying to avoid plastic pumpkins, icky fake blood clean-up and crepe streamers for your Halloween decor this year, I’ve dug through some spooky ideas and found 7 easy ways to add a stylishly spooky impact to your decor. Take a look!

1.Black Candles

Black is one color so strongly associated with Halloween, representing darkness and long ghoulish nights! Don’t know where to find black candles? If your local stores aren’t selling them seasonally, check out Amazon! Pop over to your local thrift store for vintage candle holders, now that’s creepy chic!

2.Creepy Old Photos

What’s scarier than old vintage photos of children with unidentifiable masks? Today’s masks can be grotesque, but these homemade made ones are a bit eerier. While your shopping for vintage candle holders looks for vintage frames too! Print out photos like these to fill the frames and display them, I know it doesn’t scream Halloween, but it’s creepy! For more photos like this one click here.

3.Cheesecloth Upholstery

Want a daunting decor, yet easy cleanup? Order cheesecloth and rip it close to shreds to drape over furniture or hang it in a hallway for a haunted house and tattered look. Add some to your black candle order on Amazon, by clicking here.

4. Gorgeous Ghouls

I love the idea of life-like skulls and blooms to add a gorgeously ghoulish element, if you do not want to scare your family or guest too much throw in some beautiful blooms. For a spookier effect, buy the flowers beforehand and let them dry out!

5. Chalk Painted Pumpkins

Chalk paint gives pumpkins a unique texture, and ups the wow factor a bit. Use on both real and craft pumpkins - your preference. For a Halloween-chic look, choose the color black!

6. Vintage Apothecary Bottles

Fill vintage apothecary bottles with juice or liquor – responsibly creep out your guest with this trick! Interested in a Black Widow cocktail recipe? Click here

7. Tricks and TREATS

You can’t trick without the TREAT! This old-world Gothic take on a sophisticated cheese board is both delicious and Halloween-fitting.

*BONUS* The Red Balloon A spooky clown classic, Pennywise and his red balloon from Stephen Kings IT (…chills). This not-so-friendly clown still gives me the jeepers and so does his single red balloon. Find a red balloon and let it float through your home to really give someone the creeps. Watch out or you’ll float too! See more Halloween decorating tips here & here!

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