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Design Insider: Mid-Century Modern Glamour

Hello Fabulistas! Mid-Century Modern has one thing in common with all the design styles I love... glamour! Your home helps prepare you for the day ahead and surrounding yourself with beautiful decor will put you in the right mood to tackle anything that comes your way. I find that mid-century modern style is full of whimsical shapes that brighten your day from the start. Here's a primer on why this style should be embraced! Funky Colors The sleek shapes of classic Mid-Century Modern furniture makes stylistic way for lots of color. Here, the exotic wall hanging and striped throw pillows play off each other for a modern, cheerful look. It would be hard to be in a bad mood in this room!


from Pinterest

Stunning Bar Carts

Bar carts make for fabulous storage fixtures. Place your fresh bouquets, trinkets, and other decorative objects on a cart too. You'll still have room for drink ingredients!


from HGTV

Show-Stealing Table Bases

This Philippe Hiquily table base from 1966 is what I imagine when I think about the embodiment of Mid-Century Modern glamour. It's metallic, sculptural, and stands on its own as an art piece. Style like this has influenced many current designers.


from Tumblr

Wall Art That Pops

Mid-Century Modern style tends to be bold and colorful. Here, the wall art takes over the color duties and brings life to a neutral space. If you love pop art, then maybe you've found your design soulmate!


from Graylivin

Playful Shapes

One of the easiest ways to bring in a little Mid-Century Modern style is to add in playful accessories to your space. Here, vases in different shapes and colors turn a home office niche into a major design opportunity. Even the shelves placement feels whimsical!


from HGTV

Did I miss any of your favorite elements of Mid-Century Modern glamour? If so, I'd love to see links to them in the comments below!

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