Tuesday’s Trends: Pantone Fashion Color Trends 2013

Happy New Year! Now that 2012 is all said and done, it’s time to greet 2013! When it’s time for something new, it’s necessary to see what’s trending and see if it works for you. Remember, a trend is only worth trying if YOU feel comfortable and have fun with it!

You’ve already heard that Emerald Green is THE color of 2013! A room—or your wardrobe—can not survive on green alone! There are a lot more gorgeous shades Pantone’s chosen for 2013 that I can’t wait to wear and use in my interior design projects! And why not take some inspiration from the Resort 2013 collections?!

Spring Color Swatches via Pantone



There are already lots of fantastic images with emerald inspiration! I can’t wait to transform a room into the Emerald City! This sophisticated emerald and animal print combo is perfection.

Celine Resort 2013 via WWD


Dusk Blue

I love when a fashion designer uses an interior element, like Anna Sui did with Art Nouveau wallpaper patterns, in a collection! It just highlights the close link between fashion and design! This dress is adorable, typical Anna!

Anna Sui Resort 2013 via WWD


Grayed Jade

This jade confection was just one of many Mary Antoinette gone punk looks Karl Lagerfield sent down the runway at Versailles. How fitting! You could think of this shade as mint’s neutral cousin.

Chanel Resort 2013 via WWD


African Violet

This is a FAB breakout color for 2013! I can already tell you I won’t be able to get enough of it. I’m putting a colorful coat like this on my spring shopping list!

Bottega Veneta Resort 2013 via WWD


Tender Shoots

I love a designer who’s so dedicated to color. Benz is a great example, his hair is even dyed pink! This lime-y creation shows he hasn’t pledged allegiance to only pink, though!

Chris Benz Resort 2013 via WWD


Lemon Zest

What a fab, fresh shade for a new year! I’m in love with this citrus color. I’m already online shopping for some lemon zest color throw pillows!

Balenciaga Resort 2013 via WWD



Sometimes you need a palette cleanse of color. This would be the perfect antidote to color overload. I think I’ll need this if I try out all of these FAB shades!

Maison Martin Margiela Resort 2013 via WWD


Monaco Blue

There’s just something so cool and casual about this color. This Gucci look really shows it! Couldn’t you imagine the woman wearing this commanding both the board room and sidewalks with this chic look?!

Gucci Resort 2013 via WWD


Poppy Red

Red is an alluring color that will never go out of style! After fall’s oxblood trend, I’m really excited to see this bright and cheery version!

Kenzo Resort 2013 via WWD



If we didn’t already know it, we could guess Elle and Dakota Fanning inspired this West Coast cool collection. You know I’m a New Yorker, but I think I could give California a try with this outfit. The orange gives it a cool, contemporary edge without being too stuffy!


John Galliano Resort 2013 via WWD


Which is your favorite Pantone color for 2013? Are you planning on using these in upcoming design projects? Tell me in the comments below!

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