Through My Eyes: Design for Harmonious Family Gatherings

Hello Fabulistas! My clients and readers often ask about how they can maintain chic designs while keeping visiting family members happy and curious little ones from destroy ing their prized belongings. This is an especially big issue during the holidays. Here are some ways I keep your belongings safe and make a space still feel like home, for everyone in attendance.


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Don’t hide away everything

Your first instinct may be to hide it all away and pull out collapsible chairs to replace your prized Eames chairs. Resist the urge! Vintage and antique pieces have withstood lots of wear and tear before they came into your possession. Do put away your precious china, but don’t worry about the tougher pieces.


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Use your hidden storage areas

Now, once you’ve decided the things worth keeping out of reach, locate the safest places to stash them. This doesn’t just go for precious collectibles. It’s worth stowing away coffee table books, tabletop accents and anything else that takes up too much surface area in built-in storage and storage ottomans. Remember, you’ll need extra room for unwrapping presents and setting down mugs of hot chocolate!


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Create open seating areas

This might take a little rearranging for your current scheme. You don’t want anyone to feel left out of the gathering! Try to rearrange couches, extra chairs and ottomans so they face each other in a circle. But remember, leave enough room so the floor space isn’t crowded.


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 Set up charging stations

You’ll, of course, want to Instagram happy family moments and new gifts. Phones, cameras and camcorders can zap up battery life. So why not think ahead and bring out your electronics chargers ahead of time and free up some outlets so guests can easily recharge devices? They’ll thank you!


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Are you prepped for family holiday visits? Let me know what you do before everyone arrives!

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