Simplifying NYC: Top Picks for Hot Chocolate

Hello Fabulistas! Although I’m starting to miss the heat of summer, I’m excited for fall and winter. That’s because it’s hot chocolate season! Hot chocolate is one of my favorite cold weather drinks. It’s sugary, delicious and makes me feel like a kid again! There are several places to get a fab hot chocolate in New York City, but here are my faves.

Max Brenner

Yes, this is a chain, but it’s an amazing chain! Max Brenner is focused on chocolate so you know they know how to do it right. My fave is the Italian dark hot chocolate, it’s like a liquid chocolate bar. There are so many choices, you’ll be able to find one that you love.

Top Picks for Hot Chocolate in NYC

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Eataly is my top pick for everything! I sit in the shops there and feel like I’m in Italy! The hot chocolate is delicious, and I always get it with whipped cream. I’m not skimping here!

Top Picks for Hot Chocolate in NYC

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L.A. Burdick

This fabulous cafe has huge hot chocolate portions, in both milk and dark options. When I’m feeling like a need a little pick me up I order the spiked version. There are four on the menu and each are superb!

Top Picks for Hot Chocolate in NYC

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MarieBelle is one of my go-tos when I’m meeting the ladies or picking up a gift for friends. They have both hot and iced chocolate, both of which are fab! If you walk to the back of the Soho shop, you can meet friends, drink hot chocolate and have a snack.

Top Picks for Hot Chocolate in NYC

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City Bakery

City Bakery is a NYC fave of everyone’s. Not only is the drink amazing, it also comes with a homemade¬†marshmallow. This is one that really does make me feel like a kid again!

Top Picks for Hot Chocolate in NYC

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Where do you go to fill your hot chocolate cravings? Do you make your fave hot chocolate at home, or have a go-to spot?

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