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Our Full Service Design Process

Creating a Positive, Stress-free Experience For You

Ideal For Full-Scale Design Projects

Full service design is how we’ve built our business for over 25 years! We are a full-service interior design firm taking projects from the very beginning stages of planning and designing, including everything from construction materials through the decorating details and finishing touches. Based in NYC, we work on projects throughout the country.


Getting Started

We are a client-centric design firm and feel that your home and your business needs to reflect YOU. We’ll talk, ask questions, exchange photos and ideas so that we intimately understand who you are and what you need. It’s important to us that your project is all about you and that the inspiration starts with you.


Next Step

Once we have the initial exchanges of priorities and inspirations, we start work on your overall design concepts, conceptual floorplans, and Scope of Work.


Then We Shop

Color and fabric schemes, rugs, furniture, finishes, lighting – the fun stuff! We shop, we purchase, and when the items are ready to ship, they go safely into our warehouse where they are inspected and stored until we are ready to install.


Managing the Process

Here’s where that “stress-free experience” really comes into play. We manage your project from soup to nuts…and everything in between!


Communication is Key!

Whether you’re local or long distance, we keep you up to date with videos and photos.


Art Consulting and Accessorizing

“Great Design is in the Details!” We make sure attention is given to every last item, so when you move in, your house… is now your home.



From concept to reality. This is when we work our magic putting it all together for you.


The Big Reveal

Need we say more? Your big day is here! Pop the champagne, take it all in, and enjoy your new home!

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