Mirazh Vase Set


Not everyone's able to wake up before daylight, but with the Mirazh Vase Set on your breakfast table, it's like getting up to see the sunrise no matter the hour. The Mirazh is also great en masse down the center of your dining table, in the den, or the bathroom. Each Mirazh is individually hand-crafted by Los Angeles-based potters without the use of molds, so some variation can be expected in the design and dimensions.
  • Small: 3.75"H x 3.25"Dia.
  • Medium: 4.75"H x 3"Dia.
  • Large: 3.5"H x 4.5"Dia.
  • Raw ceramic vase set of 3
  • Raw ecru finish
  • Made-to-order; typically ships within 3 weeks
  • SKU: EEDVBL0811

ROBIN SAYS: I love the raw, textured appeal of the Mirazh Vase Set. Beautifully crafted, the set comes with three different sizes, with the set perfect for vignettes in entryways, bookshelves, or broken out individually throughout your space to carry the modern, handcrafted look.