Margarite Bowl


An asymmetric masterpiece, the Margarite is charachterized by its brilliant brass sheen and intricate pattern of stamped daisys that make up its surface. This subtle yet glamorous bowl is sure to strike up a conversation while it accentuates contemporary and natural elements in your home.
  • 3"H x 12.6"Dia.
  • Aluminum bowl
  • Hand-crafted aluminum body w/ intricate daisy patterns throughout
  • Satin brass finish
  • Imported
  • Typically ships within 1 week
  • SKU: SNAC170190807

ROBIN SAYS: I love a piece like the Margarite because you discover new details each time you look at it. Its simple shape and understated profile are met with the sheen of its silky brass finish and delicate daisy patterns. Place in a vignette with other brass finished items to accentuate the traditional or contemporary elements of your design sensibility.