Kern Planter Vase


Expertly minimalist, the Kern Planter Vase offers raw simplicity through its natural material and unadorned silhouette. This planter is made from stoneware with a white finish and features two round, decorative protrusions at the top of its column. The Kern Planter Vase also has a slightly smaller counterpart, which places its decorative protrusions at its base for pleasing symmetry.
  • Large: 12”H x 6”Dia.
  • Small: 8.5”H x 5”Dia.
  • Made from stoneware
  • Matte white finish
  • Typically ships within 1 week
  • SKU: SMVZ1019050806

ROBIN SAYS: This planter vase is perfect for lovers of the minimalist style, or for spaces that need a few stark elements to create a healthy sense of contrast. Pair the Kern Planter Vase with its counterpart to create a balanced look.