Katsura Orbs


Reminiscent of Shou Sugi Ban, the ancient Japanese art of wood preservation through charring, the Katsura Orbs are a decorative set of natural rubberwood that has been stylistically charred and encased in a clear resin. The mesmerizing burnt embers elegantly showcased in this set present a natural opportunity for conversation and compliment a variety of design tastes.
  • 4" dia (each)
  • Natural rubberwood and clear resin
  • Set of three
  • Typically ships within one week
  • SKU: ESCTRB4219R0804

ROBIN SAYS: While great design often includes brightly colored or large eye-catching focal pieces, it is often the little details throughout the room that elevate your home. These intense decorative orbs are ideal as bowl fillers or as a bookshelf ornament, enhancing the serene and sophisticated feel of your space.