Homage 1027 (Latent Love)


Irene Mamiye's Homage Series embodies her confrontation and immersion in the behavior of photographs of our image-showing and sharing environment. She seeks out painterly gestures, human mark-making, and universal visual symbols such as flowers and natural forms that are shifted and decontextualized but remain identifiable through the indexical grain of photography. This work is printed on aluminum in an edition of 8 and can be commissioned.
  • Artist: Irene Mamiye
  • Art Dimensions: 60"W x 27"H
  • Dye sublimation print on aluminum
  • Typically ships within 2 weeks
  • SKU: SIH271021

ROBIN SAYS: Art has the ability to inspire, evoke strong emotion, or even bring contemplative relaxation into a space. The beautiful thing about art is there is no right or wrong piece for your space, there is only what speaks to you personally.

Irene Mamiye is a New York-based artist working within the intersections of photography, sculpture, video, and new media. Since 2010, her practice has centered around the impact and possibilities created by our online image environment’s impact upon both the meaning and materiality of photography.  By amassing archives of online images, altering and stretching the automated processes of digital photography, and utilizing virtual reality, the artist delimits her perspective to test the possibilities and tyrannies of our image-saturated world. Her aim is to illuminate and abstract the changing relationship between artistic process and output and extend both the material and philosophical idea of photography into new media technological realities. Click here to see more from Irene Mamiye.