Giltwood Sunburst Sculpture


Featuring beautiful bursts of giltwood rising up from on a cluster of gemstones situated on a quartz pedestal, these 18th-century Sunburst Sculptures create a dramatic focal point in your space. Italian in origin, these sculptures add antique flair and modern appeal to any table, console, or shelf.
  • 12.5"H x 3.5"W x 2"D
  • 18th-century giltwood sculptures
  • Hand-carved wood with gold finish set in gem stone base
  • Typically ships within 1 week
  • SKU: RBR0860805

Robin Says: I immediately knew I had to have these sculptures in my collection when I first saw them. The burst of gold-finished wood emanating from the gemstone bases are perfect accent pieces in vignette or bookending shelves or tables; pair them with contemporary pieces for a completed look.