Make Work From Home Work For You

Hoping this post finds you well, Fabulistas!

In an unprecedented era when most of us find ourselves spending more time at home than ever, the very definition of the word “home” has changed. It continues to adapt and flex to fit our modern lives, embracing change with each new curveball. Today, it may take on the new meaning of acting as a work space, but with a whirlwind of distractions in every direction – spouses, children, laundry, and of course, the refrigerator! – I know it can be challenging to stay on task. By designating zones, making it your own, and setting intentions to surround yourself with positive energy you’ll find it is possible to thrive while you #WFH (Work From Home)!

Designate Zones

If you do not already have a home office or find it a bit crowded at the moment, you’ll first want to designate an area as your “work zone”. Claiming a consistent spot will encourage you to focus on work while you’re there and decompress when you step away, which is key to #WFH success. Identify a personal space in your home that is both functional and conducive to your working style by asking yourself a few questions:

  • Is there enough light, be it natural or artificial?
  • How much space do I need to feel organized?
  • Am I able to get the privacy I need?

You might think these questions limit your options, but now it’s time to get creative! Wherever you’ve selected within your home – be it a windowsill, guest room or dining table – it can easily be transformed into a professional and practical work space. Look at your lighting in your new workspace and add a desk lamp that is both useful as well as beautiful.

  • Stone & Beam Round Ceramic Table Lamp
  • SOTTAE Modern Ceramic irregular Geometric Table Lamp
  • Popilion Modern Brass Base Table Lamp

When I say to be creative, think about what you need physically, practically and emotionally. This is a good time to splurge on a decorative “Do Not Disturb” sign that you can put up in your new workspace when you need a few precious moments to yourself. You might even want to use it at home even when you go back to work in your office!

Set Intentions

Start each day by setting an intention to achieve your professional accomplishments by choosing your mindset. As tempting as it may be to stay in your pajamas all day when “telecommuting” – as chic as they may be – the habitual act of getting dressed for work in the morning can be subconsciously motivating. Stay on task by writing down your daily to do list, crossing off each action as it’s accomplished is a victory and oh so satisfying! In a time when we may find ourselves more stressed than usual, I find it’s helpful to compartmentalize activities. Set working hours and try to stick to them, but be kind to yourself if it’s not feasible every day. Gift yourself breaks throughout the day where you physically step away from your work environment to meditate, enjoy meals with your family, call a loved one, get fresh air or just breathe. Inhale…2…3. Exhale…2…3…4.

With your new workspace identified and accessorized, your intentions realized and set, you are ready for success. Brava! Take pride in your accomplishment and find joy in the home within a home you’ve built. Positivity radiates in well-designed spaces, may it fill your fabulous dwelling with peace while you #WFH and beyond.

xoxo, Robin