Yudi Kaufman

Vice President, Robin Baron Design

Beside every great Robin is an amazing Yudi. For years, Yudi Kaufman has worked with Robin to transform interiors and orchestrate the fine details. He brings a honed expertise in interior design, business management and accounting to Robin Baron Design. He has a BFA in Interior Design and a Master’s degree in Sustainable Interior Environments from FIT – Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Having successfully led the launch of the Robin Baron Home Furnishings Collections, Yudi works hand-in-hand with celebrity interior designer and lifestyle expert Robin Baron to design, develop and produce a broad offering of product categories as well as the Robin Baron Design e-commerce business.

Yudi’s passion for art and life are also reflected in his dedication to helping those in need. He leads the Robin Baron team to give back through involvement in many charity organizations both inside and outside the design community. He enjoys contributing to the greater good and believes that part of his mission is creating sustainable interior environments.


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