Perfect Pied-à-Terre

Oh, the fun we had designing this Madison Avenue pied-à-terre! My client wanted a NYC base, and found a jewel in the rough. It was overly decorated with leopard on every surface—even the ceiling!—I knew I had my work cut out for me. The challenge was to transform the space into a modern, no-fluff bachelor pad

The design cleanup began with taking the space down to the bare bones. We implemented a neutral palette with a sophisticated, modern, masculine sensibility. The end result was the perfect place for my client to relax during visits to the city. It was a total transformation.

One of my favorite days in any design is installation day. I just can’t help but take snapshots as the look comes together! Enjoy these behind-the-scenes pics I shot as my team was adding finishing touches on installation day. Because sometimes it’s fun to see a work in progress!


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