High Design High Rise

I was flattered when powerhouse New York real estate broker and Bravo star Ryan Serhant and his wife, Emilia Bechrakis, reached out to me for their Soho penthouse renovation. After all, they had seen the work of countless NYC designers, and after interviewing many...they chose me!

The couple was looking to transform their penthouse from blank-slate new construction into a hip, chic, sophisticated home where the young couple could grow their family and entertain on a regular basis. There was only one caveat — their timeline was ultra tight!

I love a challenge, so I quickly started by incorporating modern elements and glam touches—details that would suit their life in NYC, yet still create a cozy, welcoming everyday home for Ryan and Emilia. I turned to color—fuchsia and purple, his favorites, and rich navy blue, her go-to. From there, I worked at lightning speed to help marry their tastes to match their lifestyle.

They couldn’t have been happier with the stunning result! The home is now grounded by a neutral palette with pops of rich, distinctive color throughout to balance their tastes. Despite the tight timeline, I was able to call in a few favors and get custom-made furnishings made in record time. All the special details really came together to help them live comfortably, entertain beautifully, and start their lives together.


Our homes are a reflection of who we are…they also help us become who we want to be.

Place objects that inspire and uplift you in key locations throughout your home. Also...a little Feng Shui goes a long way!