California Dreamin’ in NYC

A California family was in search of a NYC home base for their extended stays in the city—which led to this incredible renovation. They needed a large home for their big family, one with four bedrooms, four baths, and an open, accommodating design that would suit busy life with their three teens.

During this complete overhaul, I worked with an architect to reimagine two adjacent apartments as one larger family home. The challenge was to create a truly open concept reminiscent of California living—not easy in NYC. The home needed to offer one large, gracious space for the family to gather—one with earthiness and warmth, one they would love as much as their California home.

Room by room, we completed the transformation with personal touches and contemporary style that suited the family’s personality. The result was a comfortable, inviting home where everyone could be together, hang out, and have fun being a family in the Big Apple.


Our homes are a reflection of who we are…they also help us become who we want to be.

Place objects that inspire and uplift you in key locations throughout your home. Also...a little Feng Shui goes a long way!