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Want Advice? Ask Robin, Your Stylish Best Friend

Looking for design advice? Wondering how to find a color palette perfect for your space? Simply want a professional’s opinion on where to hang your art? Ask Robin! For the first time ever, the celebrity interior designer is expanding her design and decorating services to offer one-to-one video consultations. Like grabbing coffee or cocktails with a friend, these sessions are fun, uplifting and personalized to your needs. Grab a drink (no, really, do it), find a comfortable spot somewhere, and choose between a 30 minute or a 60 minute session with Robin to start feeling empowered about designing the home you love.

Have a quick question? Connect with Robin for a one-time free 15 minute video chat. Book your time with Robin now!

Ask Robin anything related to decorating and designing your home. Here are some frequently asked questions.


I don’t know where to begin. Can I get some general guidance?


I’m thinking of painting. There are so many colors out there, how do I choose?


I want to freshen up my space and don’t want to buy anything new. How can I use what I have to create something special?


I’m looking to buy online and there are too many options. Can you help me shop so I get it right the first time?


I’m confused about what size furniture I should buy. Can you please guide me?


Drapes, roman shades or blinds? Can you help me figure out the best solution for new window treatments?

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You never know where you’re going to find inspiration, so always have an open eye and an open mind.

You might just surprise yourself and discover something new!