Elizabeth Sadoff

Elizabeth Sadoff Art Advisory


Elizabeth Sadoff is a passionate art expert whose eponymous art advisory stems from her extensive experience in the field, making her our natural choice as our Resident Expert. She specializes in art selection and placement for interior design and architectural firms. Her firm also offers guidance to budding collectors in developing a personal aesthetic and building the confidence needed to make their own decisions regarding buying a work of art. She is motivated to connect the work of emerging, mid-career, and under-represented artists with prospective collectors unfamiliar with the process of acquisition.

Her parents’ involvement in the architecture and design community of Los Angeles greatly influenced her art career. After successful apprenticeships in sculpting and stone carving in LA and Italy, her studio practice branched out into bronze casting, welding, mural painting, and finally printmaking. Before she established her advisory in 2009, she served as the director of two galleries in Santa Monica, California, and the Corporate Art Development for David Findlay Jr. Gallery in New York City.

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Elizabeth's Pro-Tips


    There are no right or wrong ways to respond to art. Always pay attention to the emotions you feel, and how it resonates with you, when you are looking at work of art.


    You can purchase original works of art that do not break the bank: prints; etchings, lithographs, and silkscreens or simple works on paper that are quite affordable and are still the real deal.


    When looking at a work of art online, seek to learn more about the materials and methods used, and more about the artist. Looking for things that speak to you about the artwork's story will also help you bond with it.


    When thinking of buying a piece of art, imagine the space in which it will be placed and ask yourself if there is a grouping of other pieces to coordinate it with, or if you can you position your new art to have a relationship with the furniture underneath it, or next to it. Artwork and artifacts "speak" to each other. Be sure your latest piece of art is in balance with everything else around it.


    Don't be afraid to ask questions at an art fair or a gallery. There are no inappropriate questions, including, "I am just starting as a collector. Do you have something in my budget?" experts can be super helpful in guiding you to find art that suits your taste and budget. Never be intimidated!


    When possible, seek out Artists' Open Studio events, which are typically held in the Spring through the Fall. Take a moment to duck into a pop-up gallery or visit alternative art fairs designed for the new collector. These are great ways to discover talented artists who are not represented by a gallery, typically under-the-radar, and often more affordable.


    When possible, ask a professional interior designer if the art you are considering works in your space. Getting a second opinion from someone who has experience buying art can be helpful in deciding what art to invest in. Set up your budget before you start your art quest since the process of purchase can be time consuming. If you're a novice, art advocates can be of assistance here.


    Try to step out of your comfort zone and not be attached to a single art style or subject. Sometimes, learning more about the story behind an artwork can change your mind. The piece tends to grow on you once it sits in your place and can even challenge you in magical ways that give unexpected pleasure.


    When acquiring a piece of art, making your own decision can be rewarding. Often, not having to get approval and stressing about making the right purchase will empower you every time you look at it. It is a genuine reflection of who you are, and the feeling is worth experiencing.


    Every once in a while, refresh your relationship with your art by switching things around. It encourages you to have a new appreciation for different works of art in newer contexts. It can seem daunting, but the advice of an art hanger, or a professional interior designer can make the process much simpler.


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