How To Go Minimalist With Personality

Hello Fabulistas! I adore minimalist decor, but it’s not easy to achieve. Sometimes it comes across as a little sterile, like no one would call the space home. It seems like a simple concept: Don’t clutter your space, and it will appear clean and fresh. However, you have to add personality and interest so the space is not boring! Here are a few tips on how to create an interesting minimalist space.

Start with the furniture

You should always plan out your furniture first. Choose pieces to meet your needs, not what you think will look best. Figure out how you live, and what pieces are necessary. This will help you declutter right away! Pick out furniture upholstered in solid colors and textures. Patterns will distract from your goal of a minimalist look.

How to go minimalist without being boring

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Add several materials

In addition to upholstery, be sure to add other materials like woods and metals. These can be in the form of side tables or lamps. The mix of materials will create an interesting, inviting space!

How to go minimalist without being boring

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Check out your floors

Next, look at the floors. Do you want them carpet-free, or are you interested in area rugs? You can layer rugs in a minimalist space to amp up visual interest. I would recommend layering solid rugs instead of patterned ones, perhaps solids in two different colors or textures. Like with everything else in design, play with this until it feels right.

How to go minimalist without being boring

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Choose interesting artwork

In a minimalist space, the walls should be mostly free from hanging artwork. A few large pieces can go a long way in representing your personality. Select pieces that really interest you, as these will make a big impact.

How to go minimalist without being boring

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Add a few decorative accessories

While there isn’t much room for decorative accessories in a minimalist space, you can add a few that really speak to you. Feel free to include your favorite books, a globe, or even a few vases without cluttering the space.

How to go minimalist without being boring

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With careful thought and planning you can have a minimalist home that is interesting and feels like you. Creating what you want is easy, you just have to make sure your home represents YOU!

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