Health and Wellness at Home

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The importance of living well has always been an inspiration to me and my interior design business. My tagline “Confidence Begins at Home” is more than words… it truly reflects my feeling that our homes affect us every day of our lives. The environments we surround ourselves with have the power to influence our emotional health through how we use the space, the colors we select, the light in a room and the items we choose to look at every day. As a result, all of these choices can promote health and wellness at home.

A balanced room radiates positive energy, infusing us from the outside in – which we could all use right about now! Understanding this allows us to create a solid foundation that supports our yearning for total wellness, offering a safe space for us to be ourselves, practice regenerative activities, make meaningful connections, and express our ever-important gratitude. Nourish your physical, emotional and spiritual wellness from the comfort of your home with some of my favorite suggestions for inviting wellness into your life!


Peace of Mind

I always find that I can set myself at ease by addressing my stressors head-on! Staying safe and healthy is all of our primary concerns today. Whether we are leaving the house or bringing in groceries, we need to take extra precautions for added relief and peace of mind for health and wellness at home.

Cleaning is as therapeutic as it is effective; think about making a ritual out of it by infusing products containing essential oils into your routine. Lemon and orange are natural disinfectants, encourage a sense of well-being, and give a bright boost of zesty energy! I, personally, like to know exactly what ingredients I’m using in my home, so I love making my own cleaning products. Here are some great ideas to try using these Good Housekeeping Recipes. And why can’t cleaning chores still be stylish? I think they can be! Swap out your well-used cleaning tools for beautifully designed alternatives, like a chic colander for rinsing produce or scrubbing brushes designed with both form and function in mind. and wellness at home and wellness at home and wellness at home and wellness at home

  1. MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check Enamel Colander – Large
  2. BSH Spray Bottle for Cleaning Solutions
  3. Lulu and Georgia Dish Brush Bundle
  4. Woolzies 100% Pure & Natural Clean Essential Oil Set


Build Your Sanctuary

As an interior designer, I know the power of a well-balanced space and the inner peace it can offer, especially in a time when we’re all craving an escape from reality. Imagine an environment in your home where you feel grounded and uninhibited, a place you can find a moment of total serenity without interruption. For me, it’s the bath! A beautiful bathroom can become a retreat where you can relax, restore and reinvigorate. No matter the size of your space, consider making some easy swaps and thoughtful additions to turn your bathroom into a sanctuary for health and wellness at home.

I like to start with a luxurious robe and slipper set to wrap myself in cozy comfort. Healing crystals are perfect in your bath sanctuary and can also be placed throughout your home to change or enhance the energy and treat common ailments. If I had to choose just three types of crystals for a bathroom retreat, I’d recommend Rose Quartz, the crystal of unconditional love that promotes healing, nourishment, and comfort, White Quartz to relieve stress, and Amethyst which known to be a natural tranquilizer and activate spiritual awareness. We do some of our best thinking in the bath, so grab a glass of wine, a good book, a bamboo bath shelf to rest them on and sink in. and wellness at home and wellness at home and wellness at home and wellness at home and wellness at home and wellness at home  

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  3. Bambüsi Premium Bamboo Bathtub Tray Caddy
  4. Cosabella Bella Printed Robe
  5. Hay Waffle Bathrobe + Slippers
  6. Ettitude Bamboo Lyocell & Lavender Eye Pillow

Pro tip! Your sanctuary is another great opportunity to include natural essential oils. Eucalyptus is a favorite for the bath with its spa-like aroma and respiratory relief. Lavender is a go-to for stress management and night-time decompression. A dark horse, Frankincense, more commonly found in blends, is known to support a healthy immune system and even increase spiritual awareness! and wellness at home and wellness at home and wellness at home and wellness at home and wellness at home and wellness at home

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  3. Nstcher Air LED Aromatherapy Humidifier
  4. Bobiizy Oil Diffuser in Pink
  5. Bobiizy Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser
  6. Paddywax Apothecary Diffuser in Orange Zest & Bergamot


Biophilia, One With Nature

As humans, we all crave contact with nature as part of our health and wellness at home. It pulsates with life, therefore, filling us with a sense of place on the planet we share. Can’t get outside as much as you’d like, especially these days? Enhance your quarters with representations of plant life and beautiful botanicals to bring the outdoors in! Potted plants and flowers growing in your home not only promote clean air quality, but they stimulate our desire to nurture, and that includes nurturing ourselves which is ever so important during these times.

Online flower and plant seller has a great selection and care tips for live plants (new customers even get 15% with code WELCOME15). When possible, I’d opt for the real deal, but if you’re like me… good at many things, but living plants just isn’t one of them… go for ones that look real, but are actually faux! As an alternative, you can choose decorative items with plant or floral patterns to add a touch of nature into any space. and wellness at home and wellness at home and wellness at home and wellness at home and wellness at home and wellness at home and wellness at home and wellness at home     

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  6. Lulu and Georgia Na Pali Falls Photography Print, By Carley Rudd
  7. Belle & June Rosalba Stool
  8. Lulu and Georgia Morris & Co. Pure Willow Bough Wallpaper, Eggshell/Chalk


A Sense of Community, Giving Back

An essential element of total health and wellness at home is the emotional and spiritual satisfaction we get from helping others. In a time when so many are in need, it’s important to take action in a way that’s meaningful to you. For me, it means donating our spare cotton fabric samples to create PPE for local hospitals. However, you might consider helping elderly neighbors, adopting a furry friend, or supporting small businesses in your community.

As New Yorkers, the nightly 7:00 pm applause for healthcare workers reverberates through the city like church bells, reminding us that we’re all in this together. It makes me cry every time! Try encouraging your friends and neighbors to give back any way they can and take part in this heartwarming, uplifting ritual of gratitude. It’s good for the soul!


Find Your Balance

Health and wellness at home starts from within! We need to be mindful of what we put into our bodies and be thoughtful about what we ask our bodies to do. Take this opportunity to work on your exercise or yoga practice and brush up on your healthy cooking skills like grilling and steaming. My go-to recipes for the past few weeks have been skillet chicken/vegetable dishes. These recipes are delicious, easy, and fun to do with my family. Not to mention, clean up is so easy! I like that I can balance my meal with healthy food because it gives me the energy boost I need to #WFH and work out, too.

You can also balance your energy by trying yoga at home. All you need is a mat! Your fitness center might be offering virtual classes and many companies are offering free online classes during this time –otherwise, try at-home yoga workouts on YouTube for free. and wellness at home and wellness at home and wellness at home and wellness at home and wellness at home and wellness at home and wellness at home and wellness at home   

  1. TOPLUS Yoga Mat, Non-Slip
  2. Gaiam Yoga Mat
  3. Staub Round Double Handle Pure Grill, 10″
  4. DEMEYERE Atlantis Steamer Accessory
  5. Dana Angelo White’s Healthy One Pan Dinners Cookbook
  6. Robin Donovan’s Home Skillet
  7. Juland Silicone Hot Handle Holder, Set of 4
  8. AmazonBasics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Pan, 15″


Take a Moment

As caring people, we often prioritize others before ourselves. This is our loving reminder to take a moment to check in with ourselves today to prioritize health and wellness at home. Meditation and breathing exercises are great for centering and getting in touch with our inner selves, detaching from outside influences, and setting intentions for our wellness practices. Mediation has become more and more popular, as many of us seek ways to balance our lives. I’ve been meditating for many years and I can attest to its many benefits! Try an Apps like Calm or Headspace to help find meditations that resonate with you.

Pro tip! It only takes a few moments to reset your mindset. Whether it’s a daily activity or you reach for it when you need that respite of peace, taking a purposeful breath is the simplest and often most effective way to bring your mind and body back to center.


We hope these tips and reminders help you welcome wellness into your home and life for the long term!

Xoxo, Robin

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