Falling for Frenchies

In the last year, the sidewalks of New York have seen a noticeable increase in pedigree. No, not the Park Avenue population, I’m talking dogs. And not just any breed – the adorable, rabbit-eared, squishy-faced French bulldog. And since pet owners truly love their furry companions, the pups are beginning to pop up in home design.

French Bulldog Image by Ryan Carville

Surprisingly, this is not the first time the French bulldog has been SO in! In 1906, the French bulldog was the 5th most popular dog in America and that was before they were even “officially” a worldwide breed.  Although we didn’t hear much from them in the 20th century they are making their comeback now!  In fact, according to the American Kennel Club, the French bulldog has made the largest leap on the popularity charts in the last decade zooming from 71st to 21st place.  And it doesn’t look like they are stopping there.

With historical owners like the Rockefellers, J.P. Morgans and famous Frenchies including Francesca and Sharkey (Martha Stewart), Scarlet (David and Victoria Beckham), JJ (Hugh Jackman) and even Modern Family’s adorable TV personality Stella (Jay and Gloria) it is no wonder this dog is breaking records and setting trends!

It’s not hard to fall for Frenchies, even the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams store here in New York has a Frenchie as their store mascot, so here are some products that will bring canine couture into la maison.

PJ by Peter Jensen French Bulldog Pillow courtesy of Urban Outfitters
Graphic French Bulldog Wall Art by PB Teen
Milan Rug by Twinkle Living
French Bulldog Letterpress Notecards by Pressed in Brooklyn
Cotillion Fabric from Vieux Carre Collection by Tyler Hall
Mod French Bulldog Frenchie Silhouette Fine Art by ModDog Shop on Etsy
French Bulldog Knob by 1178custom on Etsy

Photography by Ryan Carville Photography

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