Fab Friday with Fisher Weisman

Photo Credit: François Dischinger

Talk about a dazzling duo! I’m chatting with famed design partners Andrew Fisher and Jeffry Weisman of Fisher Weisman. These two have done it all…high end residential interiors, furniture, lighting, and textile designs, licensed product lines, all the while maintaining a reputation for super chic, long-lasting elegance.

I love that the three of us share a common philosophy about working with clients – keeping an open mind and resisting the temptation to have an unchanging “style” is the best way to create magic…that’s what I always say! It’s no surprise that when it comes to magic, Fisher Weisman’s designs are full of it. I mean, just look at some of the photos below. Need I say more?

Robin Baron: Welcome! Your work has been described as “drop dead, big city chic.” How would you define your style?

Jeffry Weisman: Our work is idiosyncratic, highly personalized and highly custom.  We don’t have an established look that we repeat for disparate clients: we prefer to develop something individual that complements the clients’ taste and lifestyle.  That allows us to stretch all the time.

Photo Credit: Grey Crawford

RB: What projects have you been working on lately?

Andrew Fisher: A large residence and a boutique hotel in Mexico, a New York apartment, and various residences around the San Francisco area.

RB: What most excites you most about your work?

JW: The chance to create very special pieces and interiors for interesting people, many of whom become close friends.

Photo Credit: Grey Crawford
Photo Credit: Grey Crawford
Photo Credit: Grey Crawford
Photo Credit: Grey Crawford

RB: Where do you gain inspiration?

JW: For my partner, Andrew Fisher, his prolific painting practice inspires much of his creative interest.  For both of us, travel around the world is a constant influence.  We love to visit the places people use: the flower markets, the hardware stores, the places where they crafts are made, as much as the museums.

RB: How would you describe your own home décor?

AF: Distinctive.  We blend superb antiques with more rustic pieces, our own upholstery and singular fantasy chandeliers and accent furnishings we create in our studio.

Photo Credit: Grey Crawford

RB: What’s an element of your home that you’re especially fond of?

JW: Our jewel box dining room.  It’s an interior space we cobbled from an entry hall and two Rows of closets.  The challenge was to make it blend architecturally with the adjacent 1920’s living room and to choose finishes that would make it sparkle at night.  The antique mirror panels, pewter tea paper ceiling and mother of pearl top on the dining table did the trick.

Photo Credit: Grey Crawford

RB: What’s next for Fisher Weisman?

AF: The Monacelli Press is publishing a monograph on our work this spring and we are launching Casa Acanto, a line of furniture, lighting and accessories with our distinctive Fisher Weisman look, around the same time.

RB: How do you define “fabulous”?

JW: Exquisitely made, custom designed, exactly right for the spot and client that commissioned its creation.

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